Courses and conferences for the pioneers

Because pioneers have it good ; -) They hang out in young, fresh, open communities, they help each other, there is no competition, the prospects are grand, and later, when things take off commercially, such people are in high demand. Be a pioneer in your company, convince your supervisor to let you attend a 5-day seminar or a conference (yes, the conference runs from Friday to Sunday, because we combine the joy in a topic with high-intensity events). You will enter a highly unconventional, multiple award-winning environment, a veritable village of creatives, as large as 50 row houses and right in the middle of the third largest metropolis in Europe. If you want to totally immerse in the topic while keeping the costs a low as possible for your employer, spend your nights in our Blockchain facility, a luxurious flat-sharing community, together with other pioneers. And if you desire more luxury, book a room in our elaborately designed hotel in the same building complex.

Those who want to get ahead can’t do it alone – in your own company there are too many interruptions, and any fresh start is a breakthrough. Attend a training course or (even more intensive) a conference once in a while! The Blockchain Hotel is situated in one of the largest creative centers of Europe.  A melting pot, an unruly environment that is an ongoing place of work and presentation for nearly 2000 creatives from over 30 nations. We do what you’re not allowed to do in your company: Be “un-perfect”, try things out, stay and talk for nights, jump back and forth, be spontaneous, no controlling, you never know what’s coming,… All this requires a different place, a different atmosphere than the one that a company requires in order to function. We are that other place, and countless enterprises from Germany and beyond love to advance with new, creative topics in just such surroundings. A concise summary for printing out can be found here in PDF format. Our courses are also supported as part of the education voucher “Bildungsscheck NRW”!

Hub for Blockchain technology

The Blockchain Hotel strives to become one of the hubs for Blockchain technology in Europe. For the makers behind the systems we offer very special terms (see here). A stay in the Blockchain Hotel gives you much more than traditional or in-house training courses. But we don’t overdo it. Those who seek relaxation can roam the center of one of Germany’s largest cities, take part in the side-program (a changing offering including a vintage bus, musicals, concerts, forging in the historic “Hammer”, railroad museum, go-karts, table tennis, yoga, grilling,…).

Oddly enough we sometimes have to justify the fact that in addition to 8 full hours of instruction we design the remainder of the day to be as pleasant as possible by providing diversion and retreat options in addition to the extremely attractive and 24-hour technical offering. There seems to be an unspoken rule that training days have to consist of 100% work – which is of course absurd, since you don’t spend all your waking hours working even with your own company! But we aren’t wasteful: everything we offer to promote informal exchange after course hours costs less than it does to operate a hotel swimming pool! We WANT an intensive but playful atmosphere, because we are convinced that this brings out the most!!!

Blockchain, Bitcoin,… criminal?

Not everyone is convinced that central banks, governments, officials,… really ensure that our currencies are stable and our contracts, Webshops, POS systems, accounting departments, land registers,… are secure. There are enough unreliable governments and corrupt administrations in the world. We see often enough that the centralized systems to which we have grown accustomed in functioning countries don’t work somewhere else. And so it makes sense to think about a system that makes currencies and contracts tamper-proof without requiring a centralized entity.

“Gold is a great way to preserve wealth, but it is hard to move around. You do need some kind of alternative and Bitcoin fits the bill. I’m not surprised to see that happening.”

Eric Schmidt, CEO von Google

Blockchain is the technology for non-centralized financial processes of any kind without using banks (e.g. Bitcoin), for contracts which are secure even without reliable agencies, for tamper-proof accounting and POS systems in commerce and countless other applications. This is all coming from the nerd arena, we are seeing the first successes, and people are beginning to understand what enormous fields of application are opening up. This is the time to get personally involved. Companies in nearly every sector will be glad in the next few years to have employees who have understood this at first glance mysterious, incomprehensible topic.

Your children won’t know what [cash] money is.

Tim Cook, Apple Inc